The Core Approach Of Saaas In Action: The Planning Agent

TitleThe Core Approach Of Saaas In Action: The Planning Agent
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2013
AuthorsCremer, L., S. Distefano, G. Merlino, and A. Puliafito
Conference NameAdvances in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing
Conference LocationBerlin
KeywordsCloud, OGC Sensor Web Enablement, sensing abstraction and virtualisation, sensors and actuators

The main goal of the sensing and actuation as a service (SAaaS) approach is to enrol and aggregate sensing resources from heterogeneous sensor networks and smart devices, providing them as a service in a Cloud-wise fashion. SAaaS aims at providing handles on sensing and actuation resources, abstracted and virtualized on top of physical ones, shared by contributors to the SAaaS. This requires adequate mechanisms for letting SAaaS end users interact with the contributing nodes hosting the provided resources. In this paper we focus on such problem, introducing the module of our SAaaS architecture specifically conceived to deal with all the issues related to user-resource interfaces: the Planning Agent (PA). The modular architecture of the PA and its main interactions with SAaaS stakeholders and framework components are described. The development of the PA on the Android platform is detailed, thus implementing a preliminary version of the SAaaS framework, targeted at mobiles: SAaaS4mobile.