PON01_00683 SIGMA: Sistema Integrato di sensori in ambiente cloud per la Gestione Multirischio Avanzata - Integrated Cloud-Sensor System for Advanced Multirisk Management. 2013 - 2015

The sensor Integrated System in cloud environment for the Advanced Multi-risk Management (SIGMA) is a layered architecture whose function is to acquire, integrate and compute heterogeneous data, from various sensor networks (weather, seismic, volcanic, water, rain, car and marine traffic, environmental,  etc.), in order to strengthen control and monitoring systems  both environmental and industrial production, to provide useful data for the prevention and management of risk situations through services provided to citizens and businesses, both public and private.

If the occurrence of a risk situation in the industrial production process and / or control of the territory, the system also serves to provide support for the preparation of response plans, developing and integrating, for example, data from affected areas with those of the surrounding car traffic in order to be able to provide useful information to the population and relevant authorities.

The project includes significant field-testing activities with particular emphasis on integrated management of environmental and industrial risk situations.

The objective is to demonstrate, with the help of some use cases oriented to territory multi-risk management, that the "systematization" of infrastructure that are not interoperable today, produces add value both for those providing the resources (sensors, data, calculation ) and for the users, making it possible to offer services with high added value.


Type of Project: 
2013 - 2015