Running Projects

Running National and International Projects.

CloudforEurope - Lot 2 “Secure, Legislation – Aware Storage (SLAS)”

Cloud for Europe supports public sector cloud use as collaboration between public authorities and industry. The project identifies obstacles, finds innovative solutions and builds trust in European cloud computing.
Cloud for Europe uses pre-commercial procurement as an instrument for public sector innovation. The pre-commercial procurement identifies innovative solutions for cloud services that best fit public sector needs, but also provides better information to public procurers about the potential of cloud services.

EU FP7 FrontierCities - European Cities driving the Future Internet 2014-16

frontierCities is an EU funded project which will support web-developers, SMEs and start-ups develop smart mobility applications for cities across Europe! frontierCities is made up of seven partners with each bringing experience and expertise in management, technology and business development. Click on the links below to find out more!

PON01_00683 SIGMA: Sistema Integrato di sensori in ambiente cloud per la Gestione Multirischio Avanzata - Integrated Cloud-Sensor System for Advanced Multirisk Management. 2013 - 2015

The sensor Integrated System in cloud environment for the Advanced Multi-risk Management (SIGMA) is a layered architecture whose function is to acquire, integrate and compute heterogeneous data, from various sensor networks (weather, seismic, volcanic, water, rain, car and marine traffic, environmental,  etc.), in order to strengthen control and monitoring systems  both environmental and industrial production, to provide useful data for the prevention and management of risk situations through services provided to citizens and businesses, both public and private.

EU Horizon 2020 BEACON - Enabling Federated Cloud Networking. 2015-17

Beacon is a Research and Development project, which receives funding from the EU through its Horizon 2020 framework programme.

The main goal of this project is two­-fold: research and develop techniques to federated cloud network resources, and to derive the integrated management cloud layer that enables an efficient and secure deployment of federated cloud applications.