Project PRIN WiseDemon - WIreless SEnsor networks for DEpendable MONitoring of critical applications - 2008.


A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is composed by a high number of sensor nodes, each able of acquiring information from the surrounding environment, and of processing and transferring data to a collecting sink node by means of a wireless connection. Nodes are usually powered by a battery and use multi-hop routing to transfer data to the sink node, autonomously organizing themselves so as to constitute a distributed and cooperative monitoring system. These characteristics make it possible to build monitoring systems in operational scenarios that cannot be afforded by more conventional technologies.However, the same characteristics also impose severe limitations on energy resources, computational power and reliability of communication, and make the network subject to malfunctions and unavailability, which comprise a major hurdle for the monitoring of safety critical systems.

WiseDemon (WIreless SEnsor networks for DEpendable MONitoring of critical applications - Affidabilità e qualità del servizio in sistemi di monitoraggio basati su Wireless Sensor Networks per applicazioni critiche ) is a Research Project funded by the Italian Ministry of Research as a part of the PRIN07 programme (prot.2007j4SKYP), which  aims to investigate innovative solutions for the application of WSN networks to the realization of monitoring systems for safety critical applications.

To this end, WiseDemon is organized in 5 Workpackages that integrate two complementary research lines:

  • a technological line aimed to develop innovative solutions for the efficient management of the network resources to increase quality of service and lifetime;
  • a methodological line aimed to develop modelling and quantitative evaluation techniques that make the reliability figures predictable and support efficient management strategies.

WiseDemon is carried out by 5 Research Units, which compose individual researches into a comprehensive program.

  • UniFi: Dip.Sistemi e Informatica, Università di Firenze (Enrico Vicario - Project Coordinator)
  • UniPmn: Dip.Informatica, Università del Piemonte Orientale - Amedeo Avogadro(Andrea Bobbio)
  • UniMe: Dip.Matematica, Università di Messina (Marco Scarpa)
  • UniPi:  Dip.Ingegneria dell’Informazione: Elettronica, Informatica, Telecomunicazioni(Giuseppe Anastasi)
  • PoliMi: Dip.Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano (Giuseppe Serazzi)