MDSLab manages the Grid computing node of Consorzio COMETA, and a FI-WARE-enabled (XI-FI) one, federated with FI-Lab, and will guarantee access to part of such infrastructure to the COSMO partners. Owned Cloud computing and storage resources from previous RESERVOIR, Vision Cloud and CloudWave FP7 projects, as well as sensing and actuation devices from ongoing Italian national project SIMONE and SIGMA, are available for supporting our International collaborations. 


  • Number of CPU cores: 300+
  • Core types: AMD Opteron (AMD-V enabled), Intel Xeon (VT-x/d, EPT-enabled)
  • Total RAM offered: 200+ GB (up to 2x per-core capacity, depending on the kind of node involved)
  • Total HD storage capacity offered: 1.75+ TB for (aggregate) node-local storage, 1.5 TB (3 TB physical, RAID1-enabled) for each Storage server, plus (depending on the configuration) ~10TB SAN, via (iSCSI-enabled) dedicated Storage nodes, equipped with fibre-channel and server/controller-redundant
  • Number and type of servers: 25+ (IBM) Blade servers and/or 9 (IBM) Storage servers
  • Per server capacity: 75 GB for Blades, (RAID-1 enabled) 1.5 TB for Storage servers, plus (variable) SAN-enabled storage, see above
  • Switches and routers: at least GbE-class equipment, such as Cisco 2960G (switch), Nortel (bladecenter switches), Cisco 2801 (router), plus other managed switches, to be soon expanded and/or replaced with other Cisco equipment
  • Firewall: Cisco router, see above
  • Network connectivity available to access the node (bandwidth and/or dark fibre available through the National Research Network / NREN): 1 Gpbs (planned to be expanded to 10 Gbps in the near future)
  • Virtualisation service, hypervisor used: hardware-assisted virtualization on all nodes, KVM / libvirt already deployed, Xen and/or VBox optionally available
  • Overall architecture of the node: several clusters (spread over 7 BladeCenter chassis racks), plus Storage servers and (remote) Storage nodes
  • Access services / technologies covered: SSH and HTTPS (Web UI) for networking infrastructure, SSH (and X where required) for provisioned nodes, OOB/LOM for all nodes (including BMC-enabled remote KVM over IMM or AMM)
  • Networking services offered / covered: InfiniBand may be available, depending on the cluster involved
  • IPv6 and QoS capabilities: available, not implemented


For details go to the #SmartME Website