A Cloud-based Access Control Solution for Advanced Multi-purpose Management in Smart City Scenario

TitleA Cloud-based Access Control Solution for Advanced Multi-purpose Management in Smart City Scenario
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
AuthorsGiacobbe, M., M. Coco, A. Puliafito, and M. Scarpa
Conference NameProceedings of 2014 International Conference on Smart Computing Workshops
Date Published05/11/2014
PublisherAntonio Puliafito
Conference LocationHong Kong

A new smart revolution has already begun, toward a future characterized by Internet of Everything, where non-invasive wireless smart sensors allow to dynamically share information (e.g., alert signals, or big data in Cloud of Things scenario) providing new secure and user-friendly services for a harmonious interaction between man and the environment. The management of complex scenarios, characterized by high mobility and dynamic heterogeneous data access, requires different access levels, both local and remote. At the same time, it would require the ability to gather data from several typology of events, both functional and structural (e.g., regarding mobility, transportation, energy consumption), and to correlate data caused by natural or industrial phenomena (e.g., air pollution) to guarantee safety in our cities. We propose an advanced solution to meet the above challenges, then to achieve an advanced multi-purpose management. It is based on CLoud-Enabled Virtual EnviRonment (CLEVER), projected and realized from University of Messina to work easily in a Federated Cloud context, and on Sensor Web Enablement standard specifications. We show a case study to regulate users access to certain areas or specific rooms, and to provide useful data for business intelligence oriented to multi-purpose management. In particular, our solution aims to gather data regarding people access and electricity consumptions to provide web information and services for public, private or governance use.