FP7 European Project VISION CLOUD - 2010-13

Paper: VISION Cloud Supporting Modern Media Production

The Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) recently published a paper, describing the specific advantages and novel concepts for cloud-based media production.

What is notable and usable for existing platforms and cloud computing offerings are specific approaches. Most notably VISION Cloud introduces a concept of content-centric storage, where each item on the cloud is located in a "container". This nesting allows for attachment of metadata, such as data about usage of a specific file. 
Storlets: Automation for tasks and workflows
Another novel concept is the use of storlets, to enable computational services in the cloud. A simple example would be that each time an editor or other user sends a .zip file this would be automatically unpacked. This sounds trivial, but is a major time saver as the files do not have to be downloaded, unpacked and then uploaded again. 
Storlets can be used for extended workflows, too: For example when HD video files are uploaded, a storlet automatically creates a low-res version for editing. Should a user take out a certain segment this change is then stored and written back to the original file. 
The concepts worked on in VISION cloud are applicable to other domains, too - such as business, healthcare and telecommunication. 
Full title and publication date:
VISION Cloud: A Cloud Storage Solution Supporting Modern Media Production
Authors: S. V. Gogouvitis, M. C. Jaeger, H. Kolodner, D. Kyriazis, F. Longo, M. Lorenz, A. Messina, M. Montagnuolo, E. Salant, and F. Tusa
SMPTE Mot. Imag. J; October 2013; 122:(7) 30-37;