Mobile Middleware

This activity is focused on high-level strategies and presents a middleware for the management of advanced services in wireless environments. Such middleware covers all the components involved in wireless services provisioning (Wireless Network, Wired Network, APs). In particular:

  • An architecture that addresses the main issues of multimedia streaming flows in case of user mobility has been developed. In order to create a strong interaction between the architecture modules, the mobile agent paradigm has been adopted;
  • To improve the management of the wired resources, an architecture based on the Grid Computing paradigm able to carry out tasks such as distributed transcoding of multimedia format, data dissemination, load balancing and discovery of service has been proposed;
  • A prototype called Virtual Server is in development stage. This solution emulates a multimedia server and offers high QoS for wireless systems that want interact with applications. In this way is possible to manage and readdress control data (RTSP, RTP and RTCP) transparently to the player and server.