Monitoring Energy Consumption in an Industrial Site

TitleMonitoring Energy Consumption in an Industrial Site
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2011
AuthorsD., B., C. A., L. Minnolo A., P. A., and S. A.
Conference NameAdvances in Computer, Communication, Control and Automation
Date Published20, 2011
Conference LocationHeidelberg
Keywordsmiddleware., routing protocols, sensor networks

The Smart Grid vision imposes a new approach towards energy supply that is more affordable, reliable and sustainable. The core of this new vision is the use of advanced technology to monitor power system dynamics in real time and identify system in stability. In this pa-per we present a real time analysis tool specifically designed to monitor an industrial site with particular attention to power consumption. This solution, based on Wireless Sensor Networks, is able to produce useful results and to provide statistic analysis useful for the future choices of the industrial company.