Evaluating energy consumption in a cloud infrastructure

TitleEvaluating energy consumption in a cloud infrastructure
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2011
AuthorsBruneo, D., F. Longo, and A. Puliafito
Conference Name2011 IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM)
PublisherIEEE Computer Society
Conference LocationLucca, Italy, 20-23 June 2011
ISBN Number9781457703515
Keywordscloud computing, Clouds, computer systems, Computing paradigm, Data centers, Energy utilization, Management policy, Modeling approach, Multimedia systems, Optimization strategy, Performance evaluation, Quality control, Quality of service, Stochastic reward nets, Stochastic systems, Storage resources, Switch-on, virtual machines, Wireless networks

Cloud computing is a challenging technology that promises to strongly modify the way computing and storage resources will be accessed in the near future. Clouds may demand huge amount of energy if adequate management policies are not put in place. Optimization strategies are needed in order to allocate, migrate, consolidate virtual machines and manage the switch on/switch off period of a data center. In this paper, we present a modeling approach based on Stochastic reward nets to investigate the more convenient strategies to manage a federation of Clouds, having in mind the final goal to reduce the overall energy consumption. Several policies are presented and their impact is evaluated, thus contributing to a rational and efficient adoption of the Cloud computing paradigm. © 2011 IEEE.