Data Reliability In Multi-provider Cloud Storage Service With RRNS

TitleData Reliability In Multi-provider Cloud Storage Service With RRNS
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsVillari, M.., A.. Celesti, F.. Tusa, and A.. Puliafito
KeywordsBig Data, cloud computing, Confidentiality, Reliability, Storage

Nowadays, more and more Cloud storage providers are appearing on the market. Nevertheless, data availability and confidentiality represent critical issues considering Cloud computing. This paper discusses an approach that on one hand enables customers to use at the same time different Cloud storage providers, and that on the other hand guarantees both data redundancy and obfuscation. According to our approach, files are fragmented and stored in different Cloud storage providers by means of the Redundant Residue Number System (RRNS). Besides providing us data redundancy, RRNS allows us to preserve the data confidentiality by means of an obfuscation-base strategy spreading metadata over different cloud providers. In addition, our approach allows a customer to retrieve his/her files even if a cloud storage provider is not available anymore. Experiments highlight the factors that have to be considered to configure the system according to the customer’s requirements.