Smart Waste and Recycling Systems: The Big Bucket Solution

TitleSmart Waste and Recycling Systems: The Big Bucket Solution
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2016
AuthorsGiacobbe, M., C. Puliafito, and M. Scarpa
Conference NameCINI Annual Workshop on ICT for Smart Cities & Communities (i-CiTies 2016). September 29-30. Benevento, Italy.
Keywordscloud computing, E-government, E-inclusion, IoT, smart cities, Smart Communities, Smart Waste Recycling Systems

Research and industries are devoting a great effort in getting cities and communities smarter. This is a strategic but also very complex process that involves several actors to address many challenges. Following this line, in this paper, we propose a new recycling system based on smart wastes. To this end, we present the Big Bucket IoT Cloud environment where smart dumpsters are equipped with low-cost sensors and open source easy-to-use hardware and software.