Virtualization and migration at the network edge: An overview

TitleVirtualization and migration at the network edge: An overview
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2018
AuthorsPuliafito, C., E. Mingozzi, C. Vallati, F. Longo, and G. Merlino
Conference NameProceedings - 2018 IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing, SMARTCOMP 2018
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Conference LocationTaormina, Italy - 18-20 June 2018
ISBN Number9781538647059
Keywordscontainers, Essential features, Fog, Fog computing, Migration, Migration technique, Network edges, Smart city, State of the art, Virtual Machine, Virtual reality, Virtualization

As for the Cloud, essential features of Fog Computing are both virtualization and the capability to migrate virtual environments among nodes. In this paper, we thoroughly report both the state-of-The-Art virtualization and migration techniques and their available implementations. In particular, we investigate the aptness of such technologies for a specific layer of the Fog hierarchy, namely the network edge. Indeed, this layer presents some characteristics that distinguish it from the Cloud so that a virtualization or migration technique that represents a good compromise for the Cloud might not be likewise suitable for the edge. © 2018 IEEE.