Enriched E-R model to design hybrid database for big data solutions

TitleEnriched E-R model to design hybrid database for big data solutions
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2016
AuthorsVillari, M.., A.. Celesti, M.. Giacobbe, and M.. Fazio
Conference Name2016 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communication (ISCC)
Date Published06/2016
Conference LocationMessina, Italy
KeywordsBig Data, Data models, Databases, Hospitals, Medical diagnostic imaging, NoSQL, Object oriented modeling, SQL-like, Unified modeling language

Advances in database technologies are moving the attention of data managers from well known structured relational databases (SQL-Like DBs) towards NoSQL approaches, especially to address big data issues. However, changing technologies in consolidated data management system is hard and requires great investments. Deploying hybrid SQL-NoSQL approaches could be a good solution to speed up the transition in many domains and information systems, but a formal data model to design hybrid databases is necessary. This paper presents a new data model aimed at solving this issue. Starting from the well known E-R model, we introduce some additional components to identify data and “big data” in the system, in order to drive the implementation of SQL-like solutions to manage data, and NoSQL solutions to manage big data. The paper also discusses a Hospital Information System use case, to clearly show how the proposed enriched E-R model can be successfully adopted.